Evolution of the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and dynamics correlation of quality of life in patients undergone the implementation in practice of tyrosine kinase inhibitors


The article is devoted to review of current approaches to the pathogenesis, clinical course, diagnosis and evolution of the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia from preparations of arsenic to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. In this article the modern concept of quality of life and types of questionnaires which are used to study quality of life in cancer patients has been described. The possibility of achieving a good health-related quality of life in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia after the implementation in practice of tyrosine kinase inhibitors has been considered.

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Эволюция терапии хронического миелолейкоза и взаимосвязь динамики качества жизни больных с внедрением в практику ингибиторов тирозинкиназ

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N V Liseeva

N V Liseeva


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