Hysterosalpingography and hysteroscopy efficiency while the identification of intrauterine pathology at the stage of preparation for IVF


In the article the results of comparative research of sensitivity and specificity hysterosalpingography and histeroscopy as revealing methods intrauterine pathology in the patients preparing to in vitro fertilisation, and also in fertility patients are presented. It is shown, that for inspection of a cavity of a uterus of the women preparing for IVF, it is more preferable to use histeroscopy since it possesses more sensitivity, than hysterosalpingography.

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Эффективность гистеросальпингографии и гистероскопии при выявлении внутриматочной патологии на стадии подготовки к ЭКО

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M A Bogdanova

M A Bogdanova


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