Cytotoxic treatment complications in the patients with lung cancer


Lung cancer - the leading cause of cancer mortality in most developed countries. Despite of the extensive development of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment, lung cancer has the highest incidence of all cancers among men and is the consistent upward trend in the incidence among women. Chemotherapy is one of the main methods of the treatment required for the most patients with lung cancer. A side effect of cytotoxic drugs is often limited. For the majority of side effects of anticancer agents corresponding grade 3 toxicity, and more, is an indication to stop chemotherapy and requires intensive treatment cover. Resuming chemotherapy depends on the completeness and rate of elimination of side effects and complications, which in turn, worsens the prognosis.

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Осложнения цитостатического лечения у больных раком легких

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M E Popova

M E Popova


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