Diagnostics and treatment of patients with disk dislocation of a temporomandibular joint


Dislocation of intra joint disk of a temporomandibular joint represents disk shift from a surface of a joint head and its jamming between elements of a temporomandibular joint. Research objective is to increase quality of diagnostics and treatment of patients with dislocation of disk of a temporomandibular joint by a choice of volume of diagnostic and medical actions. Object of research includes 52 patients with dislocation of disk of a temporomandibular joint. All patients surveyed according to the scheme including subjective, objective and express methods. The further complex treatment is undergone. In the end of the treatment which has been carried out according to the scheme, the normalization of the joint elements relationship is observed.

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Диагностика и комплексное лечение вывиха внутрисуставного диска височно-нижнечелюстного сустава

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L A Kameneva

L A Kameneva


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