Screening results and the treatment methods of diabetic retinopathy performed in diagnostic unit and ophthalmologic-endocrinology one


It is known that the prevalence of the main complications of diabetes is 20 - 50% higher than the registered. For receiving reliable indicators, screening researches shouldn’t rely on traditional approaches and have local character. Medical and diagnostic opportunities of the only Russian mobile ophthalmologic medical and diagnostic module and ophthalmologic-endocrinology unit of GBUZ SRCOH of T.I. Eroshevsky as the tool for the solution of this problem are shown.

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Результаты скрининга и подходы в лечении диабетической ретинопатии на базе мобильного офтальмологического лечебнодиагностического комплекса и офтальмоэндокринологического отделения

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A G Iskhakova

A G Iskhakova


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