The early rehabilitation of postinsult patients in the conditions of cardio-neurological sanatorium


Studied 160 patients after acute ischemic stroke at the age from 27 till 76 years, of which 107 men (66,8%) and 53 women (33,2 %). All the patients were sent to sanatoriums and health resorts follow-up care after hospital in 7 to 21 days from the onset of the disease. 80 (50 %) patients revealed concomitant cardiac pathology. A complex analysis of the results after a stroke in the conditions of cardio-neurological sanatorium and revealed the peculiarities of the early rehabilitation period depending on the presence of concomitant cardiac pathology. Postinsult patients with concomitant cardiac pathology represent the most severe category of patients, requires the participation of a cardiologist and neurologist in the rehabilitation and can expect a positive effect, largely dependent on the organization of rehabilitation process in the conditions of cardio-neurological sanatorium.

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