Morphologic diagnostics of prostate ductal adenocarcinoma

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The morphologic features of tumors in patients with locally confined or advanced prostate ductal adenocarcinoma who had undergone radical prostatectomy were evaluated. Volumes of prostate gland, volumes of tumors, Gleason scores, pathologic stages, PSA levels were examined. We identified patients who had histologically pure ductal adenocarcinoma (18%), predominantly ductal adenocarcinoma (32%), whereas the other 50% had mixed ductal and acinar prostate cancer. 15 patients of the mixed pathology group also had evidence of neuroendocrine, sarcomatoid, mucinus or squamous differentiation. Differential diagnosis must exclude high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, non-ductal intraductal adenocarcinoma, cribriform acinar adenocarcinoma.

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Морфологическая диагностика протоковой аденокарциномы предстательной железы

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S V Poletaeva

S V Poletaeva


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