The operation techniques in patients with relapsing abdominal hernia after combined method of hernioplasty


The analysis of treatment of 422 patients with abdominal hernia, which had been operated by combined method of hernioplasty, was carried out. Relapse of hernia was registered at 23 (5,4%) patients. The diagnostics of relapsing hernia based on clinical and ultrasound data and computed tomography. The features of relapsing hernia after combined method of hernioplasty were in sizes of hernial gates that doesn`t exceed 5-6 cm. The walls of hernial gates were presented by synthetic implant on ½ of their size and by aponeurosis and abdominal wall muscles - on ½ of their size. The peculiarity of clinical pattern at such patients was absence of complaints. Treatment of these patients is in operation with closing of defect with synthetic insertion.

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S Yu Pushkin


K E Klyuev



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