The comparative chemical study and pharmacognosy investigation of the vegetable raw material and preparations of Capsicum annuum


Six substances there were isolated and characterized by means of TLC, UV spectroscopy, NMR, mass spectroscopy and results of the various chemical transformations (acid and enzymatic hydrolisis). These substances on determination of capsaicinoides, derivative phthalic acid, flavonoids and to carotinoids.There are identified and isolated substances as capsaicin (alkaloids), dioktylphtalat and also cosmosiin, apigenin, rutin and ?-carotin.
There were developed the methodological approaches to the standardization of the drugs and preparations of Capsicum annuum L., which are consisted on the determination of capsaicinoides by means of TLC, UV-spectroscopy, chromatospectrophotometry and of the using of state standard sample of capsaicin.
The anatomic-morphological investigations of the fructus of Capsicum annuum was carried out. There were observed the diagnostic characteristics of the Capsicum annuum fruits, which there were recommended for the including in the section "Microscopy" of the pharmacopoeial monograph, which regulates quality this drugs.

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