Diagnostics of maxillotemporal joint disfunction while dental implantation using axiograph «ARCUS digma»


Prevalence of maxillotemporal joint disfunction by data of Hvatova V.A. (1993) is from 27% till 76% of all patients. This patients have complaints to maxillotemporal joint function infringements: by data of A.S.Kalivradgian, N.G. Kartavceva (2006) from 72% till 95%. Defective diagnostics can result to complication after dental implantation and orthopedic treatment. It is surveyed 56 patients with maxillotemporal joint disfunction. On the basis of the anamnesis data, complaints of the patients, kliniko-tool survey and radiodiagnosis the basics symptoms of the specified desease are established. However, such differential symptom as displacement trajectory of articulate head and disc at various movements of the lower jaw can not be carried out these methods. Axiograph «ARCUS digma» was applied with that purpose. He has allowed to receive noninvasively this information. Besids that, appears possibility to transfer received data in articulators system and documenting registered indicators.

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