The investigation of Interleukin17 value in the development of autoimmune diseases (according to scientific literature data)


Interleukin17 is a new class of cytokines produced by Th17 Tcell lymphocyte population. Representatives of this family have a high proinflammatory activity. Th17 cells were revealed 5 years ago and have since been subjected to intense scrutiny. There are studies that show Th17 and produced cytokines involve in the pathogenesis of inflammatory, allergic and autoimmune diseases, as well as protect against extracellular microbes and parasites. The article concerns the questions of phenotype, the origin, mechanisms of initiation, the regulation of development and differentiation, the biological activity of interleukin17.

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Исследование значения Интерлейкина-17 в развитии аутоиммунных заболеваний (по данным научной литературы)

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E N Tepikina


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