The role of rapid virological response in effective outcome prediction of antivirus treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C


We have studied the role of rapid virological response in treatment outcome in patients with chronic hepatitis C: dependence between sustained virological response and rapid virological response was revealed. Prognostic meaning of other factors (early virological response, viral load and genotype, age of patients and type of therapy) were analyzed too. It was established, that young age, low viral load, genotype 3a and treating with pegylated interferons and ribavirin are associated with higher rate of sustained virological response. The most important predictors of sustained virological response were rapid and early virological responses.

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Значение быстрого вирусологического ответа в прогнозировании эффективности противовирусной терапии хронического гепатита С

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A M Ryumin


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