Features of the spread of skin melanoma in the Samara region


One of the important problems in oncology is early diagnostics of a skin melanoma. Making structurally no more than 10 % from all forms of malignant neoplasms of a skin, it is responsible for 80 % of the lethal outcomes concerning this group of tumors. In spite of the fact that it has external localization very often a melanoma is already diagnosed at late stages of the development. The estimation of quality of medical aid rendering to the patient with a skin melanoma in the Samara region has been carried out. Dynamics of indicators of a case rate, active and early diagnostics, an one year lethality were analyzed. The interrelation of separate ecological factors of environment, the basic social and economic indexes such as the condition of household and industrial wastes, the change of ozone layer concentration, the peculiarity of solar activity, food peculiarities, a standard of living of the population with growth of a case rate of a skin melanoma in the population of the Samara region have been studied.

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Особенности распространения меланомы кожи в Самарской области

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