To the question of thyroidectomy expediency in patients with toxic goiter


The comparative analysis of the treatment of 167 patients with various forms of toxic goiter was carried out. Calculations of sizes of retained tissue of thyroid gland 3 grams weight were carried out. Separate results of extremely subtotal resection of thyroid gland and thyroidectomy were studied. The retrospective analysis of 45 preparations of the tissue removed during operation of thyroid gland was carried out. It is established that it is morphologically justified to consider expansion of operative treatment on thyroid with toxic goiter in favor of thyroidectomy in relation with great percentage of lymphoid infiltration that shows high risk of the relapse development of this pathology. After thyroidectomy it is much easier to find hormone replacement therapy for a patient that facilitates its postoperative rehabilitation.

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К вопросу о целесообразности выполнения тиреоидэктомии у больных с токсическими формами зоба

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