The investigation of the anatomical and morphological features of bilberry fruit ordinary (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)


The were studied the anatomical and morphological features of bilberry fruit ordinary (Vaccinium myrtillus L.). The were established specific diagnostic features of raw material: flattened tip of the fruit, with the remnants of the cup in the form of an annular rim; mesocarp bilberry fruit is not structured and has a cluster of seeds; conductive elements located in the mesocarp very thin and have a ring-helical organization, in the epidermis of the seed are special U-shaped cells with clearly visible pore canals, the place of localization of the embryo in the seed close to the base of the seed. The results of anatomical and morphological studies recommended for inclusion in the section “microscopy” project pharmacopoeial article for raw materials “Blueberry fruit.”

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Анатомо-морфологическое исследование плодов черники обыкновенной (vaccinium myrtillus l.)

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