Morphological changes of the stomach and the intestine in the condition of an experimental increase of intra-abdominal pressure


Morphological study of gastric and intestinal wall has been performed in white laboratory rates in case of experimental abdominal cavity high pressure (17 animals). It was carried out that intestine and colon wall injures prominently. During the first month after beginning of the experiment, acute blood circulation abnormalities and intestinal wall oedema are being spread, after three months alterative mucosa destructions appears, cancelled with atrophy and sclerosis of intestinal and colon wall. Revealed data can become the base of issue for curative intestinal stoma closure time limits.

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Морфологические изменения желудка и кишечника в условиях экспериментального повышения внутрибрюшного давления

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A I Fedorin

Yu D Kostina


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