Color therapy used in the patients with hypertension under sanatorium conditions

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77 patients are included in research, suffering by a hypertension. Patients have been parted on two groups. In the first group (22 patients) all received a complex resort therapy, including a diet №10, physiotherapy exercises, massage and an aromatherapy. In the second group (55 patients) in addition to complex treatment followed a course of color therapy. Efficiency of spent treatment was estimated on the basis of complaints of the patient, dynamics of arterial pressure, indicators of variability of a rhythm of heart, a rheocardiography. The obtained data has shown that application of a complex of the regenerative treatment including color therapy, for patients with hypertension: has allowed to lower indicators of a BP to the value close to physiological norms, to reach optimum vegetative regulation, satisfactory condition of mechanisms of adaptation, to normalise circulation type, to improve quality of a life of patients. At patients of the first group, color therapy which it was not spent, dynamics of indicators testified to less expressed stabilisation of the psychological, vegetative status.

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