Biomechanics of a pulmonary circulation in patients with COLD I and II stages


The work is devoted to the investigation g of biomechanics of a pulmonary artery at patients COLD I and II stages. 83 patients are examined. COLD I stage it has been diagnosed (GOLD, 2006) in 29 patients, II stage in 44 patients. Biomechanics was investigated by means of the automated analysis rheogramma of the pulmonary artery. Counted duration of phases (sek), indicators of the speed (an om/s) and the forces (om/s2) of moving of blood in system of the pulmonary artery. The systole and the diastole were investigated in the cycle of the pulmonary artery. The elastic component, the mascular one and the capillary - venous outflow of blood phase were determined in the systole.The time of pulsory wave distribution phase, the fast and slow inflow phase were determined in the diastole. In the systole marked hypodynamy was revealed in patients with COLD of II stage. In the diastole marked reduction of phases in patients of both groups, the speed and the force in patients with COLD of II stage.

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