The analysis of the work of a regional center on rendering assistance to the patients with the movement disorders


Movement disoders are frequently meeting illnesses of the central nervous system. To most often of them concern: Parkinson's diseases (PD), essensions tremor (ET) a muscular dystonia. Wrong diagnostics and not adequate therapy entails absence of expected effect (reduction of clinical displays), decrease(reduction) in quality of a life, not rational use of material resources. Results: the diagnosis the movement disoders has been confirmed at 387 (37,3 %) patients, were correctly treatment; the diagnosis 558 is wrongly exposed (53,8 %) to patients, are not truly appointed treatment 605 (58,3 %).
The conclusion. The received results are a substantiation for presence and necessity of the organization of the center of the movement disoders on rendering assistance by the patient with the movement disoders and carrying out of educational programs for doctors - neurologists, doctors of a primary link.

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