Molecular-genetic factors of hypertension in the workers of locomotive teams

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In the article there's a comparative estimation of influence of angionensinogen gene's polymorphism and 1st type receptors of angiotensin gene on the development of essential arterial hypertension with the workers of locomotive teams. In our investigation we included 112 workers of locomotive teams with essential arterial hypertension at the Arterial hypertension center of Samara railway station hospital based on the Russian railways. The material of investigation was the blood serum of the patients and genomic desoxyrhybonuclear acid. For the first time in the article it is considered the studying of genetic mutations among workers of locomotive teams. Within machinists and engine-drivers mates who have the high level stress profession, arterial hypertension becomes the professional disease. Genetic markers that were revealed serve as criteria of essential hypertension diagnostics and help purposefully to select the patients that need the primary prevention.

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O N Obydennikova



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