The antioxidant therapy of toxicity induced by transplantable carcinoma and irradiation


The objective of the study was the investigation of the status of oxidative damage in rats with transplantable cholangiocellular RS-1 carcinoma. We investigated the ability of derivative LBK-149 oxinicotinic acid to control oxidative damage induced by tumor and irradiation. LBK-149 at a dose of 100 mg/kg was injected i.p. or i.m. before or after irradiation. Biochemical methods were used for this investigation. The greatest therapeutic efficiency has noted been at a combination LBK-149 after irradiation, in comparison with monoirradiation and preventive injection of a LBK-149. It was shown that injection LBK-149 (100 mg/kg) in 10 day after irradiation has allowed to increase a doze of irradiation up to 5 Gy without increase of level of oxidative damage.

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