The structural and functional state of the membranes of erythrocytes in patients with COPD and markederythrocytosis


In 74 patients with COPD stage II with erythrocytosis in acute investigated the structural and functional state of the membranes of erythrocytes. Physico-chemical characteristics of erythrocyte membranes studied by determining the content of cholesterol (LDL), total phospholipids (PL) and their ratio (CH / PL), as well as the method of fluorescent probes. Established microviscosity (J286) lipids, calculated the degree of clustering (fragmentation) of the structural proteins (Jkl). To assess the intensity of free radical oxidation (FRO) membranes of red blood cells determined malondialdehyde (MDA) - a secondary stable product FRO. Antioxidant components of oxidative stress (OS) in the membranes of erythrocytes was determined by the level of vitamin E. Established that patients with COPD there is increased compared with healthy people and matrix microviscosity of membrane lipids of erythrocytes, as well as elevated levels of clustering (fragmentation) structural proteins. These phenomena are expressed at significantly greater in patients with significant erythrocytosis and is closely connected with an increased ratio of cholesterol / PL, as well as with higher levels of activity of free radical oxidation of lipid-protein structure of erythrocyte membranes. It can be assumed that the identified changes are the basis of disturbed rheological properties and transport functions of erythrocytes.

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