Early arthritises in children and teenagers: diagnostics and prospects


High blood levels of CD4, CD8, CD16, CD95. Pand anti- inflammatory interleukins were revealed at active stage of JIA particulary in pts with polyarthritis and extended olygoarthritis. Changes of mean lymphocyte morphometric measures linearly inversely correlated with relative lymphocyte markers level what proves relationship of processes of proliferation? Cytotoxicity and elevation of apoptotic cell count in blood. Howerver increase of programmed death cells may reflect not only proliferation but also capability of cells to induce cell death program in presence of provocative factors. In pts with very high humoral level of lymphocyte markers and cytokines appropriate therapy more often induces clinico-laboratory remission than in pts with lower values. Immune and cytokine status in children and adolescents with JIA determines evolution of arthritis. Early administration of disease modifying drugs more often induces of clinico-laboratory remission in pts with high levels of lymphocyte markers and antiinflammatory cytokines.

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