Stimulation of neoangiogenesis in patients with chronic ischemic lower extremities by autological progenitor bone morrow cells


The results of neoangiogenesis has been studied for the treatment of 42 patients with arterial atherosclerosis occlusive disease of lower extremities who are not candidates for treatment surgical. We studied the results in the 3 groupies including 14 patients in the each. Autological progenitor cells (CD 133+) were transplanted in I-st group. Leucocytes bone morrow cells (CD 34+) were transplanted in II group. The patients of III group was injected isotonic solution as a placebo. All of solutions were injected in internal and external muscles of shin. We appreciated our clinical results in Rutherford's scale. In conclusion, we observed what the improvement of clinical condition in patients (with a transplantation of CD 133+ and CD 34+ of I and II groups) was trustworthy by Mann-Whitney's criterion.

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