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In August, 1921 the Peoples Republic of Tuva (PRT) was formed at the Tuvan Constituent
Assembly (the Hural). There were firstly considered such basic decisions as questions on selfdetermination
of Tuva, about the Constitution and also about strengthening friendly mutual
relations with people of Soviet Union and Mongolia.
The Supreme legislature according to the Constitution should belong to the National
Congress (the Hural) of representatives from all regions of Tuva (Khozhun) and take place
not less than once a year. The Supreme executive authority should belong to the General
Central Council consisting also from representatives of all regions (Khozhun) (one from
each khozhun). The government should be guided by instructions of the National Congress
(the Hural) which subsequently (since February 1922г.) started to be called Great (Ulug)
Large number of the constitutional acts accepted at various periods in the Peoples
Republic of Tuva (the constitution 1921.1924, 1926, 1930 and 1941) makes one of the bright
historically caused features of the Tuva statehood.

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