Adiponectinemia inhypertensive patients depending oncardiovascular complications risk

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Purpose - a comparative investigation of the concentration of adiponectin in hypertensive
patients with varying degrees of risk of cardiovascular complications. Materials and Methods.
68 patients with I, II grade arterial hypertension aged 35 to 56, divided into 3 groups depending
on the risk of development of cardiovascular complications, underwent examination,
including echocardiography, ultrasound dopplerography of brachiocephalic vessels , daily
blood pressure monitoring, lipid spectrum, glucose level and adiponectin concentrations in
blood serum. Results. In hypertensive patients with low risk of cardiovascular complications
the concentration of adiponectin decreased by 32% (p <0,05) compared with those in the
control group. Statistically significant negative correlation between adiponectin and low
density lipoproteins levels (r = - 0,234), triglycerides (r = - 0,518), body mass index (r = - 0,554)
indicates the relationship of inflammatory processes and the impairment of lipid metabolism
in hypertensive patients with average risk of cardiovascular complications. In the subgroups
of high risk patients the level of adiponectin was significantly low.

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E V Kiseleva

E V Kiselyova


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