Quality of life ofpatients with operatedtraumatic intracranialhematomas


The ñraniocereberal trauma is an actual problem of modern neurology and neurosurgery
that is connected with high frequency and weight of consequences of this pathology. One of
the types of heavy ñraniocereberal trauma is the traumatic intracranial hematoma. A research
objective was studying of quality of life of patients in the remote period of surgical treatment
traumatic covering hematomas. 120 patients ranging in age from 18 to 69 to terms from
6 months till 3 years after a trauma were examined. For definition of quality of life scale
SF-36 was used. The conducted research has shown that that in the majority of supervision
satisfactory indicators of quality of life are received. Dependence between quality of life of
patients in the separated period and such factors, as localization, volume of hematomas and
degree hypertensive-dislocation syndrome are revealed. The best indicators are recorded in
group of patients with hematomas of small volume and with chronic subdural hematomas,
and as operated in terms during 24 hours after a trauma.

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D S Babochkin

D S Babochkin


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