Lossky as a followerof all-unity philosophy


The subject under consideration is N.O. Lossky's philosophy doctrine in terms of all-unity philosophy. The all-unity philosophy originates from various sources. Lossky relies upon neo-Leibnizism. Lossky's all-unity ideas are studied in the context of the concepts that determined the peculiarity of the Russian religious tradition of XIX-XX. The concept of all-unity pervades the total ontology, epistemology, philosophical anthropology, ethics, axiology and aesthetics of N.O. Lossky. His all-unity concept has an integral, synthesizing nature. It belongs to the vitalism philosophy assuming a scale of the universe in the doctrine of the Russian philosophers. Nowadays the all-unity metaphysics is often perceived as a variant of the Christian philosophy. This article claims that the philosophy doctrine by N.O. Lossky is far from the Christian view of the world. Besides Lossky appears as a moralist philosopher in his all-unity doctrine

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