Hemostasis impairmentin patients with erythremia and multiplemyeloma in a combination with coronaryheart disease


On the basis of the Samara State Medical University Clinic 53 medical cases hematological
malignancies (erythremia and multiple myeloma) were analyzed. Coronary heart disease
(stable angina) occurred in accordingly 65% and 59% of cases.
In the study of hemostasis (PTI, INR, ADP-platelet aggregation, collagen-platelet
aggregation, platelet aggregation with MAP) a tendency to hypercoagulability in most patients
was marked, mainly in patients with erythremia, the most specific test is the ADF-platelet
aggregation. In view of revealed changes in these patients coagulation study and prevention
of complications associated with the development of thrombosis should be enhanced.

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N S Knyazeva

N S Knyazeva


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