Superficial facialelectromyography as a techniqueassessment of tuberculin diagnosis

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For a choice of a technique of statement of optimal physiologically comfortable sample
psychophysiological reactions of an organism of a child according to a superficial facial
electromyography on Mantoux test reactions and prik-test has been studied. Performance
of intradermal Mantoux test reactions with 2ÒÅ in children has taped the stressful reaction
accompanied by negative emotional reaction. The offered technique prik-test has smaller
irritating effect. It is low stress factor for children in comparison with a Mantoux reaction in
case activation of parameters of a facial electromyogram in the first case occurs less on 67%
on power and on 66% on amplitude. For carrying out of a mass tuberculin diagnosis the priktest
is more optimal method.

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O S Kozlova

O S Kozlova


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