Peculiarities of fatal outcome of patients with community-acquired pneumonia in the ICU


A comparative analysis of in-hospital mortality of patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in the ICU unit in 2010 compared with 2000. It was revealed that among the dead in 2010 the average age dropped to 9 years (in 2000 50,1 (± 5,3) years, in 2011 - 41.2 years (± 4,1) - (p <0.05), the prevalence of men increased from 60% to 66%, a later date treatment (13.5% in 2000, 17.3% in 2010) was noted. Among the dead patients in 2010, there were patients with HIV infection (30%), a complication of the pathogenic H1N1 influenza (10%). The number of deaths from tuberculosis consisted of 8.4%.


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