Diagnostic and prognostic value of serousand intercellularstatus in childrenand teenagers with varioustypes of juvenileidiopathic arthritis


For specification of diagnosis JIA and definition of the importance of pathogenetic changes research of parameters humor immunity, the most informative is shown at the given pathology, namely: a spectrum cytokines: TNF α, IL6, IL1β, IL4, a level spontaneous both stimulation lymphocytes and monocytes - TNF α. Value cytokines is determining in an inductive phase of the immune answer when they cause development of base reactions makrophages and antigen-specificaition cells: interaction of these cells with lymphocytes, activation and proliferation the last, in the certain degree - formation of cells - effector. At late stages of the immune answer, during realization - effector immunity functions the role cytokines becomes less significant. Level both stimulations lymphocytes and monocytes TNF α reflects activity of pathological process and can be used in forecasting outcomes juvenile idiopathic arthritis.


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