Assessment of thethe application of video-assistedmini-thoracotomy in patients withchest injuries complicated withpneumothorax and hemothorax inthe city clinical hospital

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After the application of video-assisted mini-thoracotomy in 85 patients with chest injuries, aged from 15 to 92 the analysis has been done. The patients were divided into 3 groups, depending on the complication of the injury. 43 patients with posttraumatic pneumothorax, amounting to 50.6%, entered Group 1. 12 patients with posttraumatic hemothorax with suppressed or ongoing haemorrhage, amounting to 14,1%, entered Group 2. Group 3 enlisted 30 patients, amounting to 35,3%, being operated a week after they were taken into hospital. Mini-thoracotomy was applied to all patients with lateral incision of 6-8 cm long, 41% of patients had lengthened incisions up to 12cm because of technical difficulties. Thoracoscopy was carried out with standard equipment, rigid thorascope being used on 54 patients, amounting to 63,5%. 5 patients (5,9%) with severe concomitant injuries died. The effectiveness of video-assisted mini-thoracotomy for patients with chest injuries has been underlined.

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A N Titov

A N Titov


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