Diagnostic valueof serous leptin level and its correlationwith clinico-functionaland laboratorymarkers in atopicbronchial asthma incombination withobesity in teenagers


Diagnostic value of serous level of leptin and its correlation with clinico-functional and laboratory markers in atopic bronchial asthma in combination with obesity in teenagers was investigated. By means of laboratory methods, a bioipedansometry 38 patients with obesity and the positive anamnesis of an atopy were surveyed, ranging in age from12,38 to1,9 Descriptive and correlative analyses were carried out. From obtained diagnostic laboratory value, sensitivity and specific factor the following data were special IgE to a mix of pollen of trees of black-earth zone (AUROC ≥0,7), IgE to a mix of pollen of meadow herbs, IgE to a tick Dermatophag, IgE к Asperg, IgE total (AUROC >0,5), and eosinophiles and monocytes of peripheral blood (AUROC >0,5).

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V V Vershinina

V V Vershinina


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