Urgentquestions on tuberculosis spreading in HIV-patients in Togliatti (Russia, the Samara region)


Togliatti is a region with high spreading of HIV infection among the population. It heads the list in the region and it is second in Russia. the situation of HIV spreading and tuberculosis among HIV-infected citizens of Togliatti is studied. The analysis of mortality in comorbidity of HIV / TB is presented. It is revealed that tuberculosis is a major disease and the cause of death among HIV-infected patients. The greatest risk for mortality in the infected HIV patients in 2000/20001, with the decreasing of CD4 - cells less than 200 cells in mсl. (73%) is revealed. The death from TB patients occurs at an average in 3.6 months from the date of tuberculosis manifestation. HAART prescription in these cases is not affected on the unfavorable outcome. HAART taking at an earlier date has reduced the incidence of tuberculosis among HIV-infected patients at 16%.

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I L Tsygankov

I L Tsygankov


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