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Editorial Team


  1. Ol'ga M. Kultysheva, Nizhnevartovsk State University, Russian Federation

Editorial Board

  1. Lyubov' F. Alekseeva, Moscow Region State University, Russian Federation
  2. Andrey N. Bezrukov, Bashkir State University, Birsk branch, Russian Federation
  3. Margarita R. Galieva, Uzbekistan State University of World Languages, Uzbekistan
  4. Elena V. Kirichuk, Omsk State University named after F. M. Dostoevsky, Russian Federation
  5. Lyudmila V. Kushnina, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russian Federation
  6. Liliya A. Nefedova, Chelyabinsk State University, Russian Federation
  7. Naylya S. San'yarova, Almaty University of Energy and Communications Gumarbek Daukeev, Russian Federation
  8. Dzhumanazar Metyakubov, Uzbekistan State World Languages University, Uzbekistan

All the members are involved on the basis of a signed membership application for voluntary participation in the editorial team of the journal. The original applications are stored in the editorial.

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