The impact of changes dialysis program on ENMG rates in patients with a terminal stage of chronic renal insufficiency receiving regular dialysis treatment was studied. The study made it possible to determine that the strengthening of the dialysis program with the increase in KT/V to 1.4 promotes regression of neurological manifestations of uremic polyneuropathy and improvement of neurophysiological indicses of functioning of the peripheral nerves in patients with a terminal stage of chronic renal insufficiency. Significantly improved indicators of functional activity as axial cylinders of the peripheral nerves and the myelin sheath. Optimisation of dialysis program allows to improve the functional activity of peripheral nerves already by the end of the first month, the maximum therapeutic effect at 6month treatment and to obtain the steadfast compensation sensory and motor deficit of uremic polyneuropathy. Thus, for the correction of uremic polyneuropathy it is expedient to strengthen the dialysis program with the increase in KT/V to 1.4.


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