The clinical observations showing the diagnostic and therapeutic capacities of minimally invasive percutaneous roentgen-surgical techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of hepatopancreatoduodenal zone diseases are presented. In these cases, the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques on various stages of diagnosis and treatment have helped to correct diagnosis, and effective treatment, discarding traditional traumatic surgery. In the first clinical observation percutaneous radiosurgical method drainage of an abscess of the liver allowed to reveal chronic form of fascioliasis and conduct specific treatment. In the second - to establish the cause of recurrent subhepatic abscess, in the third-to remove concrements of common bile duct, if unable to perform open surgery or endoscopic papillosfinkterotomiya and remove concrements. Common to all three clinical observations is the fact that up to minimally invasive roentgen-surgical methods of treatment were carried out public activities, which for various reasons proved ineffective. The latest minimally invasive radiosurgical methods allow not only to establish an accurate diagnosis, but may be intermediate or final treatment.This is especially important in severe patients at impossibility of the surgery and if necessary, stabilization of the general status and improving metabolic and functional parameters of the upcoming radical operation. In most cases, a variety of minimally invasive surgical techniques are not competing among themselves, but only complement or substitute one another in every concrete clinical situation.


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