Reconstructive surgery of post-burn cicatricial ectropion of upper and lower eyelid

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In the article, an outcome analysis of post-burn upper and lower eyelid ectropion repair in 27 patients (49 cases) is presented. The study group included 31 cases (15 males, 2 females, aged 16-67), the control group consisted of 18 cases (5 males, 5 females, aged 2-52). Patients from the control group underwent free skin grafting of upper and lower eyelids. Patients from the study group underwent combined surgery using two different types of Alloplant biomaterial: allogenous tendon fibres and transplant for eyelid plasty. The operation results were assessed by change in ectropion grade, lagophthalmos and interpalpebral width.

Aуgul B Nuraeva

Author for correspondence.
Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Centre of the Russian Federation Healthcare Ministry”, Ufa
Russian Federation

head of the ophthalmologic department

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