Features of antioxidant system in patients with obstructive jaundice of benign and malignant origin in dynamics

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Aim. Study of the features of changes of antioxidant protection in patients with mechanical jaundice of benign and malignant origin in dynamics.

Methods. The author studied the role of antioxidant system in the progression of mechanical jaundice of various origins in 104 patients. Groups of patients with a syndrome of mechanical jaundice of benign (62 patients) and malignant origin (42 patients) were isolated. The material of the study was blood from the ulnar vein, which was taken in the morning on an empty stomach before surgery. In the dynamics (on the 7th day after the operation), 53 patients were examined. To assess the state of antioxidant protection, a spectrophotometric method of investigation was used.

Results. A high level of malonic dialdehyde, the product of lipid peroxidation, was determined in all patients regardless of origin. There was also a depression of the enzymatic link of antioxidant protection (a decrease in the activity of superoxide dismutase and catalase). After surgical intervention in patients with mechanical jaundice of benign origin, correction of the level of reduced glutathione was observed. In patients with mechanical jaundice of malignant origin in dynamics, the activity of antioxidant enzymes did not differ significantly from the norm (p1-3 = 0,23; p1-3 = 311).

Conclusion. After surgical intervention, partial improvement of the condition of patients with mechanical jaundice of benign origin was observed, and dysfunction of antioxidant protection persisted in patients with mechanical jaundice of malignant origin.

N G Elmanova

Medical Research Institute for Northern Problems

Author for correspondence.
Email: elm-nina@yandex.ru
Krasoyarsk, Russia

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