A case of arterial thrombosis with formation of an atypical fibrin-rich thrombus

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Aim. To describe a case of arterial thrombosis with a thrombus that had atypical composition due to profound pathological changes in the cellular and protein composition of the blood.

Methods. Scanning electron microscopy of an ex vivo thrombus extracted from the common femoral artery.

Results. In the absence of platelets and leukocytes there was a significant prevalence of fibrin over other blood components in all layers of the arterial thrombus. There were no morphological signs of intravital contraction (retraction) characteristic for thrombi: single erythrocytes were not exposed compressive deformation, redistribution of fibrin and platelets within the thrombus toward the periphery. Formation of the atypical arterial thrombus in the vessel with atherosclerotic vessel damage is probably due to association with severe hyperfibrinogenemia and thrombocytopenia.

Conclusion. The structure of a thrombus depends not only on its vascular location (arterial or venous), but also on the cellular and protein composition of the blood. These factors support diversification of antithrombotic therapy, considering composition and properties of thrombi irrespective of the place and hemodynamic conditions of their formation.

R R Khismatullin

Kazan State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: rafael.khismatullin@gmail.com
Kazan, Russia

A Z Shakirova

Kazan State Medical University; Departmental Clinical Hospital of Station Kazan

Email: rafael.khismatullin@gmail.com
Kazan, Russia; Kazan, Russia

A D Peshkova

Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

Email: rafael.khismatullin@gmail.com
Kazan, Russia

A N Khuziakhmedov

City Clinical Hospital № 7

Email: rafael.khismatullin@gmail.com
Kazan, Russia

S M Khizriev

City Clinical Hospital № 7

Email: rafael.khismatullin@gmail.com
Kazan, Russia

R I Litvinov

Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University; University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Email: rafael.khismatullin@gmail.com
Kazan, Russia; Philadelphia, USA

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