Case of atypical retroperitoneal suppurative complication of acute appendicitis

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The article presents a case of an occasional extraperitoneal suppurative complication of acute appendicitis due to atypical clinical manifestation and diagnostic complexity. A 56-year-old male was hospitalized to the urological emergency department of Emergency Hospital №2 in December, 2014, with low back pain suggestive of renal colic. Renal ultrasound revealed cavitary lesion with liquid content in right lumbar region. Pus was drawn off by tapping. Further on, the abcess was opened 6 times during 2 following years. X-ray computed tomography of abdomen showed that the apex of appendix was located in lumbar (Petit) hernia and communicated with purulent cavity. Planned appendectomy was performed on January, 10, 2017. Convalescence. Histological finding (11.01.2017) was simple appendicitis. The reported case is of clinical interest as a rare compication of acute appendicitis developed in appendix located in lumbar (Petit) hernia; X-ray computed tomography of the abdomen is the most informative instrumental method for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis and its complications.

R S Shaymardanov

Author for correspondence.
Kazan State Medical Academy Kazan, Russia

R F Gubaev
City Clinical Hospital №7 Kazan, Russia

S Z Sharafiev
City Clinical Hospital №7 Kazan, Russia

I I Nuriev
City Clinical Hospital №7 Kazan, Russia

K D Gafurov
City Clinical Hospital №7 Kazan, Russia

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