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by ancy mathias (18.05.2021)

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Combining fruits and knowing how to do it in the best way will help you get the most out of all its benefits. Fruits are a rejuvenating, cellular repair, energetic, nutritious and fat-burning food, they are one of the foods that most benefit the body, they have been consumed for thousands of years and our body is designed to eat fruit and digest it correctly.

Why should we combine fruits correctly?

Fruits are mainly made up of water and fructose (natural fruit sugar), as well as containing amino acids, enzymes, minerals, fiber, vitamins and vegetable oils.

Despite being an extremely nutritious and easily digestible food, most people do not know how to combine fruits to obtain their greatest benefits and it is not always well appreciated or accepted by the body, perhaps because its appropriate consumption is unknown. which is necessary to make the most of them and so that they do not interfere with the digestion of other foods, such as dairy products, cereals or meats.

How to combine fruits properly?

The following examples and tips on the correct use of fruits in our diet will ensure you get all their properties without the fruits interfering with digestion, causing the problems that we all know of inflammation, gas or abdominal discomfort.

Do not combine them with other foods

The first thing you should do to combine fruits properly is to take into account that fruits should not be combined with other foods, because the sugar in fruits ferments any other food with which they are combined. For example, if we combine the proteins of the meat with some fruit, it will cause filling as the fruit will cause a premature decomposition of the meat, which among other things, will cause digestion not to be done properly.

Eat the fruits alone

The ideal thing to take advantage of the maximum qualities of fruits is to eat them alone and on an empty stomach, since most fruits are digested in approximately 30 minutes, except for the mamey or banana which take longer, the ideal is to wait for Let them rest and digest well and then take another food.

This can complicate the time especially for breakfast, since in many places it is educated to eat fruit in the morning and a quantity of food that when reaching the stomach can cause severe digestive problems. For example, combining eggs, bread or stews with orange juice is not the most appropriate for digestion, since orange juice will ferment food and cause, among other things, alcohol, which affects the liver.

Perhaps the bad combination of fruits with other foods is not noticed in one or two or in twenty breakfasts, but we certainly hinder the body in its digestive processes when we do not know how to combine fruits. This is why the body, in the long run, becomes weak and more prone to many diseases.

The natural fructose in fruits is the sugar par excellence to nourish the brain and pancreas, and they do not cause fermentation as long as they are combined correctly. For this reason, you must know them very well and know how they are classified, because even among fruits you must know how to combine them, it is not the same to eat sweet fruits, for example, then acidic fruits.

Guide to combining fruits correctly

  • Sweets: banana, peach, fig, mamey, raisins, watermelon, cane
  • Semi-sweet: mango, apple, papaya, pear, red grapes, peaches (if they are less sweet than normal), soursop.
  • Acidic: strawberry, guava, lemon, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, grapefruit (grapefruit), blackberry, mandarin.
  • Semi-acidic: plum, kiwi, medlar, tejocote, green grapes, capulín, goji berries.

How to mix them properly:

  1. Acidic fruits with Acidic and semi-acidic
  2. Sweet fruits with sweets and Semisweets

You should not mix more than three fruits at a time, so that you do not overload the stomach and the fruits you eat can be digested favorably.

An example of how you combine fruits properly

Smoothie 1: A pineapple smoothie with lemon and guava

Smoothie 2: A banana smoothie with pear or papaya

Smoothie 3: an orange juice smoothie with strawberries

Information on sour fruits

Acidic or citric fruits are only acidic before being consumed; once they are eaten, in the body they become alkaline (without acidity) These fruits have excellent cleansing properties, so it is recommended to consume them in the morning, especially on an empty stomach and without eating any other food, in this way they will clean blood and intestines deeply. Citrus fruits also contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the body's defense system.

Should fruit juices be sweetened?

Whenever possible and especially if the purpose of the juice is therapeutic, no sugar or sweetener of any kind should be added. However, acidic juices often require a little sweetener, especially in the case of children, so in this case it is recommended to use honey or cereal molasses, but always in moderation. Never add white or refined sugar, this spoils all the qualities of the juice as well as being very harmful to the body.

How to consume fruits during the day?

Fruits at night

Knowing how to combine fruits at night is the best investment in your health. The ideal fruits at night are apple, peach, mango and grapes. Some of these fruits are diuretic and, due to their high fiber content, they will help the bolus to be eliminated more easily the next day.

Fruits in the afternoon

Melon and watermelon are great in the afternoon, rich in hydrating the skin and refreshing. They should always be consumed alone and without combining them with another fruit for the best benefit.

Fruits between meals

The banana is rich in sugars, potassium, vitamins and minerals, very good to remove or postpone hunger or give energy. It is ideal in the middle of the morning, as well as the tejocote, the cane, the sapote and the peach.

Always remember that you consume fruits, they must be very fresh and have a good color and make sure they are organic, and of course, now that you know how to combine fruits in the correct way, you can take advantage of all its benefits.

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