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by faina marco (20.05.2021)

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The knees are often a problem area of ​​the body in which excess dead skin and debris accumulates, causing them to constantly be blotchy or darkened. However, you have many tricks or procedures that you can do from home, with natural ingredients, they do not require much time, money, or effort and you can do it yourself and without any help. Learn about these procedures and learn how to whiten your knees with these homemade recipes.

Experts and scientific studies have pointed out on multiple occasions that in nature it is possible to find everything we need, this statement is very valid and accurate in terms of beauty. With natural ingredients that you have in your pantry, refrigerator or that you can easily buy in the market, it is possible to create creams, lotions and treatments that far surpass those products that are full of chemicals and aggressive ingredients for your skin, health and that are sold for extravagant prices, which affect your economy and may even make you believe that the extreme and valuable care of the body, is only reserved for a lucky few who have the resources to acquire that type of merchandise.

Nothing is further from reality than that. Open the doors to the world of natural recipes for beauty and surely, after you do, you will find yourself wondering why I did not do it before? Let's do it!

Learn to whiten your knees with these homemade preparations

You can get your knees to look like before, without dark spots or marks, for this you will need to continue reading these useful tips to prepare the best creams to whiten the knees.

Exfoliate your knees with salt or sugar

These two ingredients that are usually in your cupboard, with which you can perform an exfoliation that promises to whiten your knees and leave them shiny. What do you need? An exfoliating glove or bath sponge that is a bit resistant and not so soft, salt or sugar and soap, the one you usually use is always excellent. Once you are in the bathroom, moisten the exfoliating sponge or glove, then apply the soap and then add the sugar or salt, and begin to exfoliate your knees with these elements.

It is ideal that you perform this procedure at least once a week and add it to your weekly routine, this is important because if you do it once and then forget about it, undoubtedly the stain will return. It is also ideal that you use hot water to open your pores and finish with cold water for these to reseal.

Scrub with sand on the beach: Yes, as you read

If you are spending a period near the beach, you can take advantage of it to whiten your knees. You can clean your knees while having fun on a day at the beach, sun and sand. And it is also extremely simple, and whoever you are with will not even notice what you are doing. Sit on the edge of the beach, grab a handful of sand and start massaging it.

Exfoliate with lemon and baking soda

A highly efficient mix that promises to whiten, cleanse and make your pretty knees look like new is undoubtedly lemon and baking soda. The procedure is also very simple and you can do it from home in a few minutes, preferably once a week.

How to clean your knees with lemon and baking soda: Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a container and add the powder and stir until you get a homogeneous paste, then apply it on your knees for a few minutes and then with the help of an exfoliating glove, begin to massage gently. Finish by removing with warm water and you're done.

Almond cream

To make this preparation, you must grind the almonds and prepare a paste by adding a few drops of almond milk or any other, to this resulting cream we must apply it on the knees and let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes. This practice, done every day, helps reduce the appearance of dark knees and also brightens our skin.

Daily cleaning

Every day, when you take a shower try to scrub your knees and elbows with an exfoliating glove, without any other ingredient other than your normal soap. This will keep your skin healthier and your pores closed. Additionally, once a week, alternate with any of the recipes that were presented to you in the previous paragraphs.

The accumulation of dirt and stains on the knees is perfectly normal, you should not be ashamed of it. You simply have to get to work and maintain consistency in cleaning these areas and it is for sure that you will maintain beautiful, clean knees and the right color for the rest of your skin. Of course, remember that everything in excess is counterproductive, limit exfoliation to once a week and you will be perfect.

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Altai Balance Supplement Reviews

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