The analysis of x-ray pictures of tubular bones stops of the person from 42 men and 23 women in the age of 20-90 years without attributes of a vascular pathology is resulted. Measurements of the roentgenoostheometrics parameters of tubular bones stops of the person were carried out on standard parameters: length of a bone, width of a distal epiphysis, width of a proximal epiphysis, width of a diaphys, the width of the marrowy channel. It is shown, that on roentgenograms stop in researched group of people without attributes of a vascular pathology, obviously expressed and unidirectional law in change of parameters of processes of ageing for bones of the metatarsus and proximal phalanxes II and V beams, medial phalanx V of a beam and distal phalanxes of all fingers statistically significantly is defined. These processes consist in decrease with the years an index compactisation of the average phalanx V of a beam and increase with the years the width sizes of a body proximal phalanxes of II beam, the 2-nd distal epiphysis , lengths and the bases of the 5-th metatarsus bones, the change of the form distal prominence all nail phalanxes from smooth up to fungus.


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