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by Lucasta Phoebe (21.05.2021)

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Radio has been all of our media for the past half decade or so. With the advent of CD players and portable media players (stereo's) and laptop computers with speakers and earbuds, we have been able to listen to music and talk radio wherever we choose. We no longer have to wear a mask to be able to listen to the latest celebrity news - we can just turn on that ipod or Xbox, open the headphones, and let the tunes play. We no longer need our manager's permission to listen to 'friendly fire' in the team room or at home during game time - all we have to do is turn on our computers and play some music off our iPods.

This wonderful technology, of course, has had a side effect: it has opened up an entirely new medium for marketing and advertising. The explosion of the internet radio has led to the rise of many small radio stations, each with its own eclectic blend of music, talk radio, and programming tailored to the station's particular radio niche and audience. Online radio stations even feature some of your favorite popular music artists, if you have the luck (or whim) to stumble upon them!

So what are these radio stations all about? Many are comedy shows, of course, but also focus on various segments of talk radio such as sports, news, politics, and gossip. Others are talk radio programs hosted by celebrities like Sarah Palin and Jimmy Fallon. A few are cultural varieties that appeal to listeners who enjoy their quirky takes on current events and pop culture. And others still are strictly on-demand. These radio stations give their listeners an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of the live performance, while they are simultaneously experiencing the content via the Internet.

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