It carries its influence from Jagex's flagship game Runescape extremely proudly

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Kicking off today with the Oasis Restoration The players will be tasked by the task of transforming the Duel Arena following a cataclysmic earthquake that has destroyed the area OSRS Gold. It is up to the players to collaborate to transform the ruins of this arena into "a blood-soaked fighting pit in which legends have long put their money into one-on-1 matches, to a calm place to relax."

Players will rebuild the area and perform daily tasks which earn them rewards according to their performance. People who participate in the community event will be awarded exclusive rewards for the event that include a brand-new crocodile pet, title, the theme of deserts in cosmetic armour, as well as shoes 'Gators.

After the two-week community celebration The rebuilt area will be called Het's Oasis A place of learning and exploration with new skills-related material for those wanting to develop their Agility Hunter , and Farming skills.

"Heroes are also able to assist The God of Death in two Eye of Het mini-quests as they delve into Het's Tomb seeking a powerful object that will help the young gods as part of the Elder God Wars saga," the press release reads.

In a fresh event that starts now and runs until Jan. 3, 2022 players can acquire the latest version of the classic "Partyhat" it's an item originally available during a Christmas event way back in 2001. It was initially available in red yellow, green, blue or purple the RuneScape's "The Golden Party Hat Hunt" quest will allow players to gain access to one of these sought-after cosmetics in a metallic sheen.

Since the hats are only available for a short time and then were subsequently removed the lucky player to have one can sell them for billions of game coins. While the hats are only decorative and do not offer any stats bonuses, they're currently the most expensive item on the Grand Exchange Cheap RuneScape Gold, hitting the highest price of 2.1billion gold in the year 2015.

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