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No 10 (2015)

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24y Mezhdunarodnyy kongress po kholodu

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Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):4-8
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Obzor rynka bytovykh i polupromyshlennykh konditsionerov vozdukha

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Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):12-16
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Energosberegayushchie proekty OOO «NPF «Khimkholodservis»

Tovaras N.V., Yarkov B.V., Nesterova E.O., Anan'ev S.N., In'kov A.P., Kokorin O.Y.
Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):17-19
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Gruppa kompaniy «Farmina» segodnya

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Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):20-25
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Vybor optimal'noy konstruktsii teploobmennika regenerativnogo kosvennoisparitel'nogo okhlazhdeniya v sostave kombinirovannoy ustanovki konditsionirovaniya vozdukha

Garanov S.A., Panteev D.A., Sokolik A.N.


To increase energy efficiency of vaporcompression air condition units it is advisable to use an additional regenerative indirect evaporative cooling with an indirect evaporative heat exchanger (IEHE). The paper gives the diagram of the combined air condition units, describes the principle of operation using IEHE as well as the IEHE constructions; the construction may be of two operating modes: crossflow and counterflow. The diagrams of the plant with the crossflow and counteflow IEHE are given in the paper. The tests of two types of IEHE were carried out to define which of them was more efficient. The operation of the heat exchangers were compared under conditions of dry, temperate and humid climate; the efficiency of the system was estimated by the “wet” thermometer and the duepoint temperature. The experiments showed the advantages of the counterflow system of flows in the IEHE that provided the efficiency higher by 30-50%. It was demonstrated that the preferable mode of water supply into the IEHE was that by the heat pump as the capillary forces could not wet to the right degree under hot climate conditions. The efficiency of the system may be enhanced using a humidifier of additional flow installed before the inlet into the IEHE. Keywords: air condition units, regenerative indirect evaporative cooling, indirect evaporative heat exchanger, crossflow and counterflow heat exchanger, efficiency of indirectvapor cooling.
Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):33-39
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230 let so dnya rozhdeniya Pel't'e

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Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):47-49
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Ispol'zovanie elementov kriogennoy tekhniki i vysokotemperaturnoy sverkhprovodimosti na bortu perspektivnykh letatel'nykh apparatov

Bulat P.V., Minin O.P.


The information of the perspective application of cryogenic engineering and high temperature superconductivity aboard an aircraft equipped mainly with electric wires is cited. Technical and economic prerequisites of using cryogenic engineering aboard are examined. The history of development of aircrafts at cryogenic fuel in the A.N. Tupolev design engineering bureau is covered. The perspectives of using onboard cryogenic generators, cryogenic electric drives of compressors of air conditioning and pressure maintenance systems, hydraulic pumps drives, linear electric drives of control and autonomous drives of the undercarriage, distributive and transformer nodes as well as onboard power electric wiring on the base of materials with properties of high temperature superconductivity are envisaged. The ways of their using in onboard electric systems to protect the schemes, circuits and machines from the impact of electromagnetic fields at high intensity Meisner effect consisting in pushout of the external magnetic field from the superconductors’ volume were charted. A low temperature, a light load and low energy losses in electric machines will allow realizing all types of transformations at more high efficiency excluding unproductive losses such as heating and voltage drop. Keywords: superconductivity, electric aircraft, onboard electric drive, cryogenic fuel.
Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Metodika teplotekhnicheskogo rascheta spetsializirovannogo avtotransportnogo sredstva dlya vnutrigorodskikh perevozok skoroportyashchikhsya produktov

Gryzunov A.A., Kornienko V.N.


Besides the standard requirements to provide a given working temperature in the refrigerator body of a special vehicle used for the intercity transportation of perishable foodstuffs it is necessary to restore the temperature conditions maximally quickly after unloading of some part of perishable products according to the technological normative documentation. The specialists of the FGBNU VNIKHI have developed the method that defined the order of conducting heat engineering calculations of refrigerated heat insulated bodies of special vehicles to be used for the intercity transportation of perishables aimed to select the necessary refrigerating equipment to guarantee requiring temperature conditions. The article cites a simplified variant of the method of calculation of the constituents of the heat balance of the insulated body and the refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system. This variant was obtained on the basis of the data of heat engineering calculations of smalland average capacity vehicles. Also it takes into account the impact of interior and exterior factors during the intercity transportation. Keywords: intercity transportation of perishable products, method of heat engineering calculations of refrigerated bodies.
Refrigeration Technology. 2015;(10):55-58
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