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No 1 (2016)

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Parizhskoe soglashenie

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Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):13-13
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Kompaktnye rele davleniya PS4

Kalashnikov F.K.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):23-29
pages 23-29 views

Dorin SpA: porshnevye kompressory dlya transportnykh sistem kholodosnabzheniya

Kamzolov S.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):30-35
pages 30-35 views

Kak sovremennoe ovoshchekhranilishche mozhet spasti rossiyskogo proizvoditelya v krizis?

Cheremisin M.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Energosberegayushchaya intensifikatsiya teploobmena rassecheniem dlinnykh gladkikh kanalov plastinchatorebristykh poverkhnostey

Vasil'ev V.Y., Zhatkin A.M.


An experimental systematic carefully planned research was carried out in a wind tunnel with the aim to study how influenced the change of the basic geometric parameters of the rectangular ducts of platefinned heat exchanging surfaces at high value of finning (j= 14) on the heataerodynamic characteristics. Criterion and graphic dependences to calculate the heat transfer and the aerodynamic resistance of the heat exchangers were advised. A graphic method to define and supervise a continuous change of the meanings of the current estimations of the rational (power saving) intensification of the convective heat exchange as well as the interrupted ducts parameters necessary when designing the heat exchangers was offered to be applied in all spheres of realization of power saving process enhancement. The opportunity to reduce the volume, mass and length of the heat exchanger cores using interrupted ducts instead of smooth ones up to 2,78 times was proved. Keywords: wind tunnel, artificial discrete turbulization; interruption of smooth ducts; intensification - vortex, rational, power saving; rationality parameter; enhancement estimation.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):38-43
pages 38-43 views

Otkrytie nauchnoobrazovatel'nogo tsentra «Kriologiya» v Baumanskom universitete

Kolosov M.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):44-48
pages 44-48 views

«PRAM» - ingredient, prodlevayushchiy srok khraneniya okhlazhdennogo myasa

Genel' L.S., Galkin M.L.


The opportunity to prolong considerably the storage life of perishable fresh refrigerated meat not only at recommended temperatures (- 1…+ 4 оС) but at high temperatures up to room ones was examined. That was reached by using a complex food additive “PRAM” in two phase state: liquid and solid. A complex impact on refrigerated meat was offered including the impact on the apoptosis and autolysis processes in perishing meat cells as well as on the selfcontrol of the selective permeability of the hardened “PRAM” packing material together with antibacterial agents, exhaustion or gaseous controlled atmosphere, packages of lowpermeability materials, antioxidants and others. The “PRAM” ingredient in liquid state allows increasing the refrigerated meat storage life at 4 оС temperature by 30-60% on the average without quality loss, the storage life in the hardened “PRAM” film package increases 4 times and more. The treatment of refrigerated meat with liquid PRAM at high temperature (24 оС) increases the storage life more than 2 times and the hardened “PRAM” film package extends the storage life 4 times and more. Keywords: fresh meat; refrigerated meat; storage temperature; storage life; meat spoilage, barrier package; package selectivity of gasand vapor impermeability; apoptosis and autolysis processes; frequency dependence of dielectric permeability; circular dichroism.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(1):49-57
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