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No 6 (2016)

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Kholodil'nye mashiny SABROE

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Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):10-11
pages 10-11 views

Kholodil'nye agregaty i mashiny proizvodstva OOO «NPF «Khimkholodservis»

Tovaras N.V., Churikov -., Yurik -., Kaftannikov -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):12-20
pages 12-20 views

O kholodil'nom masle (prodolzhenie)

Shishov V.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):21-24
pages 21-24 views

Primenenie vremennykh kholodil'nykh moshchnostey v neftedobyche

Klokov M.Y.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):25-26
pages 25-26 views

Transkriticheskie sistemy na CO2

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Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):27-27
pages 27-27 views

23e obshchee godichnoe sobranie Mezhdunarodnoy akademii kholoda

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Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):28-28
pages 28-28 views

Iz doklada prezidenta MAKh A.V.Baranenko

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Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Granitsy primenimosti i ekonomicheskiy effekt ot vnedreniya gibridnykh gazovykh podshipnikov

Bulat P.V., Beschastnykh V.N., Bulat M.P., Volobuev I.A.


The bearings on gasfilm lubrication system such as gasstatic air bearings are widely known; to create a lifting force they use an air forced supply into a bearing gap under excess pressure. Gas dynamic bearings that create a lifting force only at sufficiently high speed of a shaft rotation due to the Poiseuille aerodynamic effect are also widespread. Hybrid bearings may operate both in gasdynamic and gasstatic regimes. The work examines the limits of such parameters as bearing capacity, typical geometrical sizes and precision of their manufacture that define the rationality of using gasstatic, gasdynamic and hybrid air bearings; the economic effect of implementation of such bearings, in particular, in turbomachines, was estimated as well.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):30-35
pages 30-35 views

Otsenka vozmozhnosti ispol'zovaniya vykhlopnykh gazov avtotransporta dlya vyrabotki sukhogo l'da

Danilov M.M., Medvedev K.A.


The relevance of the dry ice producing increases annually with the expansion scope of transportation and diversity of cargo. It provides information about the possibilities of producing solid carbon dioxide by using dry ice unit installed on mobile platforms, the basis for which are trucks with semitrailers. Describes the composition of the working substance, the raw material base and of its production. Describes the main problems and advantages of this equipment. This solution promotes the growth of independence articulated trucks from rawmaterial base of the cooler body and increases the autonomy and distance of transportation.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):36-39
pages 36-39 views

Otsenka kharakteristik vakuumnykh tunnel'nykh diodov i vozmozhnosti ikh ispol'zovaniya v kholodil'noy tekhnike

Nesterov S.B., Kholopkin A.I., Kondratenko R.O.


Vacuum tunnel diodes (VTD) are a possible alternative to a vapor compression and thermoelectric mode to generate cold. The paper cites the VTD scheme and describes the basic of cold generation using the VTD. The overview of works on developing and calculating VDT is presented. The task to reduce work of electrons liberation from electrodes that is necessary for developing high effective cooling devices on the base of the VDT is considered. Theoretical estimations of the VDT performance with cold and hot metallic electrodes made of a ntype semiconductor are carried out. The results of calculations show that using VDT as basic elements in refrigeration systems is perspective. The calculated values of a specific refrigeration capacity and refrigeration coefficient of tunnel diodes exceed the corresponding values of thermoelectric energy converters several times. A maximal thermal gradient in the VDT may reach 210 K.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):40-47
pages 40-47 views

Sovershenstvovanie podkhodov k razrabotke i otsenke kompozitsionnogo sostava rublenykh myasorastitel'nykh bystrozamorozhennykh izdeliy

Kaukhcheshvili N.E., Dontsova N.T., Nitsenko T.P., Mashkova N.N.


The paper cites the results of investigations on development of the composition of minced meatvegetable products at high nutritional value. The use of a linen flour as a stabilizer of the structure and the consistence was justified as well as a pumpkin as a source of fibre. A comparative analysis of a nutritional value of meatvegetable products of traditional and improved composition was carried out. The 11% increase of the protein mass share and the 27% decrease of fat mass share at high content of polyunsaturated fat acids (9.5%) were noted in products of new composition. Also an objective approach to estimating the quality by a qualimetric method was used. The indices of oxidative spoilage, active acidity as well as organoleptic indices were used as criteria.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):48-51
pages 48-51 views

Vliyanie biokontrol'nogo shtamma B.subtilis ch13 i ego mutantnogo tipa na pokazateli kachestva kartofelya pri kholodil'nom khranenii

Kolodyaznaya V.S., Vasil'eva O.R., Nagiev T.B.


A mechanical injury of potato tubers at harvesting leads to affection of them by phytopathogen microorganisms that causes big losses during storage. Using biological protection (bacteriaantagonists) immunizes the tuber cells and so has a positive influence on the process of wound reparation of potato. The paper cites the results of studies of the influence of the B.subtilis ch13 biocontrol strain and its mutant type that is resistant to antibiotic, on F.solani potato quality during cold storage. The activity of wild and mutant types as regards the main infection diseaseproducing factors during cold storage was defined. It was shown that the potato treatment with cultural liquid based on B.subtilis ch13 wild and mutant types didn’t provoke significant changes in biochemical processes behavior such as respiration intensity, change of starch content, change of ferments activity during cold storage. The biocontrol properties of wild and mutant type strains were verified concerning a provocative of potato vascular wilt. The data obtained in vitro showed that the biocontrol impact of wild and mutant types was most expressed at strain pathogen ratio 8:1. The treatment of potato with strains studied may be recommended to increase the tubers resistance to infectious deceases during cold storage.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):52-55
pages 52-55 views

Ispol'zovanie estestvennykh istochnikov kholoda v bytovoy kholodil'noy tekhnike

Ermolaev M.I., Zhil'tsov I.B.


The paper presents a technical solution of using natural cold sources in household refrigerating equipment with possible upgrading domestic refrigerating aggregates under exploitation. A method of introduction of environment air into the working zone of the refrigerator is described. The equipment of cold supply is briefly described; two modes of its mounting with estimation of cost price of mounting works are presented as well. The capability to use the offered equipment for functional side problems, in particular, for automatic thermoregulation and climate control of microclimate in the room is considered. The analysis of power and economic costs of cold generation all over the world as well as in countries with cold climate is carried out. The operation of the refrigeration equipment when the compressors are shut down over long period of time was analyzed.
Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):56-61
pages 56-61 views

Kalendar' vystavok na II polugodie 2016 g

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Refrigeration Technology. 2016;(6):62-64
pages 62-64 views

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